William Brind = 10/01/1795 Harborne, Staffordshire
See parish register entry
Elizabeth (Tomason) =23/Apr/1827 at St.Lukes , Finsbury, Islington , but banns were read five years earlier on 21-28/July/1822 and 4/Aug/1822 at St.Dunstans and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex George Dolton
Christened 1749 See David Brind's account
d. at Dog Row, Bethnal Green, buried at St Mathews 15 February 1816 (65), a coal meter when he died See Admon
See burial record// See coal trade links Three Colts Lane
|| See an interesting will East End connection
William Thomas Patrick Ann Harriot Martha Mary Charles Bourn(e) George Walter Elizabeth Esther Bone Hannah
baptised 28/7/1794 St Philip's Birmingham bap. 4/8/ 1795 St Philip's Birmingham 1795 baptised 27/2/1797 St Philip's Birmingham 1799? 1799? baptised 8/10/1800 St Philip's Birmingham Link to a George Brind born Staffordshire in about 1806 baptised 15/7/1807 St Matthew, Bethnal Green ??? baptised 11/6/1813 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
See register
See note
b. about 1815, Bethnal Green
St Paul, Birmingham
Bur. Oct 2, 1799
St Paul, Birmingham
Bur. Oct 6, 1799
St Paul, Birmingham
d. Mile End October 31, 1862 (62)
d. Bethnal Green 27 October, 1872 (66)
= Eliza Ann (Snoswell) 19/12/1835 Gravesend = Charles Alexander Dolton 26/06/1821 St Matthew Bethnal Green
See Dalton connection
See bizarre story.
= Isabella, London
1851 census
1861 census
= 18/8/1845 Hackney Parish Church = Harriet Dolton
See Dalton connection
?? = George Hoinville, Hackney 1844
See certificate
See mention in will
=February 7, 1832 William Shearman of the Royal Exchange Fire Office
widow by 1851?
Captain of whaling ship Investigation of nautical records Book seller, paper dealer
See account of trial of 1819

See London trade directories
Ship rigger 1851 census

Also Martha (d 1799) and Mary (d 1799).

Other Brinds in Bethnal Green
See John Seymour Brind who married Elizabeth King at St Matthew, Bethnal Green 28/2/1818.
Also George who married Rebecca Thorne at St Matthew, Bethnal Green 8/8/1825.
The Bourne connection
Charles C1800-1862 second name Bourne
Cook Kemp Bourne married Esther and lived in the same house as her sister Elizabeth in 1841
Esther Bone sister of Charles was probably Esther Bourne

The Brind/ Dolton connection
Harriot Brind = Charles Alexander Dolton 26/06/1821 St Matthew Bethnal Green
Elizabeth Brind = George Dolton 23/04/1827 St Luke Old St, Finsbury See Elizabeth Brind's will
Walter Brind = Harriet Dolton 18/8/1845 Hackney Parish Church
Harriett wife of Charles Dolton Mentioned in the will of Elizabeth Brind 1751-1843
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Birmingham City Council
Department of Leisure and Community Services City Archives, Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3HQ Tel: 0121 303 4217
Our ref: Brind.arc/e/BW/RAP
Date: 14 May 1999
Lt Col D J Brind

Dear Lt Col Brind In response to your enquiry, received 11th May 1999, I have checked our indexes for references to the "Brind" family. Unfortunately, I did not find any relevant references. I also checked the Brimingham Wills (from 1858), without success. As you had mentioned family trades, I searched Birmingham Trade Directories, at intervals throughout 1800 to 1862, again without success. I then looked for the baptisms at St Philip's Birmingham. Findings were slightly different to the details you supplied in your letter:
Parents: William and Elizabeth Brind;
William, bapt; 28 July 1794
Thomas Patrick, bapt; 4 August 1795
Harriot, bapt; 27 February 1797
Charle Bourn, bapt; 8 October 1800

Register entries of this period, did not record any further information. If you wish other resources at Central Library to be searched on your behalf, such as Census Returns for example, please contact the 'Genealogical Search Service' [information attached]. I am sorry that I did not find further information to assist you in your research. Yours sincerely Brigitte Winsor (Archives Assistant)
Birmingham City Council Department of Leisure and Community Services City Archives, Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3HQ Tel: 0121 303 4217 Our ref: Brind.arc/e/RMacG/RAP Date: 21 June 1999 Lt Col D J Brind Dear Lt Col Brind

It occurred to me following our recent telephone conversation that there is one other possible avenue to explore. There exists a privately held index to Birmingham Burials including those at St Philip's up until 1837. We do not possess a copy of this index and in order to access it you need to apply to the following gentleman:
Mr D G Pullar
1 Kemble Close
Trent Park
West Midlands
WV12 4DQ

I believe that there is a charge to this index and you might like to include a s.a.e I am afraid I do not have any further details of this service. I hope, however, that this is of some use to you.

This is the reply from Pullar

Burial index

Surnames: Brind (EXACT) Sunday 27/06/1999
Brind, Ann13 Sep 1795 Birmingham St Philip WAR
Brind, Martha2 Oct 1799daughter of Wm & ElizBirmingham St Paul WAR
Brind, Mary6 Oct 1799daughter of Wm & ElizBirmingham St Paul WAR
Brind, Eliza5 Dec 1821age 7mCoventry St Michael WAR
Brind, Jane22 Dec 1823age 7mCoventry St Michael WAR
Brind, John Seymour31 May 1826age 33 occ surgeonDunchurch WAR
Brind, Walter25 Oct 1834of Fleet St age 44Coventry St Michael WAR
Number of matches= 7 our of 318238

NOTE: Probate entry for John Seymour Brind at Lichfield Record office 45ch 1826
BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of St Mathew Bethnal in the county of Middlesex in the Year 1813
When Baptised Child's Christian Name Parents Name Parents Name Abode Quality, Trade or Profession By whom the Ceremony was performed
1813 June 6
No 249
Michael William Born 2A Nov 1812 Elizabeth Keen North Place Servant J (or possibly G) King
June 6
No 250
born 16 May
James & Sarah Sewell Busby St Weaver Do
June 6
No 251
William born 20 May
Joseph & Ann Waller Imet Place(?) Weaver Do
June 6
No 252
born ?? May 1813
William & Lydia Pace Spicer St Weaver Do
June 6
No 253
Charles born 2 May 1813 Mary Hanbury Work-house Servant Do
June 9
No 254
born 5 April
Matthew & Elizabeth Young West St Farmer Do
June 11
No 255
Esther Bone
born 10 July
William & Elizabeth Brind Three Colt Lane Coal meter do
June 13
No 256
born 26 May
George & Sarah Freund Green St Weaver Do

Three Colt(s) Lane (the B135) runs from Bethnal Green Station to the A107. Return to tree.

The green area to the north of Bethnal Green station is called Weavers Fields. Several of the people who feature in the church baptismal (parish) register are weavers.
This is from an 1898-99 map obtained from the Charles Booth Online Archive. Three Colt(s) Lane can be seen running above the railway line towards the top of the map. Interestingly there is a coal depot a short walk away from the road.

Posted on Feb 26, 2005 - 08:49 AM by Bill McCann

In the 1840s Dr. Hector Gavin, a Member of the Committee of the Health of Towns undertook a survey of the sanitary state of Bethnal Green. His comprehensive report was published in January 1848, and includes detailed descriptions of the condition of the five individual districts. It does not make easy reading today. For example, here is an extract from his report on Three Colt Lane:- A sewer has at last been just laid down by the late Tower Hamlet's Commission as far as Hinton-street; the road is in the worst possible condition, being ploughed up, and very filthy. A row of new houses, called Alpha-row, has sprung up on the north side of the Railway; and on the south side of the Railway 22 new houses are nearly completed. It is between these two rows of houses that the filthy and notorious ditch in Lamb's-fields is situated. The Commissioners, in laying down a new sewer in Three Colt-lane, were chiefly actuated by the outcries which had been raised against them for permitting the continuance of a nuisance in Lamb's-fields, almost, if not quite, unparalleled, as an outrage against a social community. The following was the state of this nuisance when I visited it on several occasions, about three months ago:- "In place of about 300 square feet, as described by Dr. Southwood Smith nine years ago, being covered with putrid water, I found that all the space enclosed between a boarding on either side of the Eastern Counties Railway, and extending from part of Arch 91, and the half of Arch 92, up to the end of Arch 98, a distance of about 230 feet, and from 40 to 60 feet in width, was one enormous ditch or stagnant lake of thickened putrefying matter; in this Pandora's box dead cats and dogs were profusedly scattered, exhibiting every stage of disgusting decomposition. Leading into this lake was a foul streamlet, very slowly flowing, and from it another, which widened and expanded into a large ditch before it disappeared in the open end of a sewer. Bubbles of carburetted and sulphuretted hydrogen gas, and every pestilential exhalation resulting from putrefaction, were being most abundantly given off from the ditches and the lake. The ripples on the surface of water occasioned by a shower of rain are not more numerous than were those produced by the bursting of the bubbles of these pestilential gases which were about to produce disease and death. The construction of the Railway has diminished the extent of this lake, but it has concentrated the evil. Now the concentration of such foci of disease has been proved to be deleterious in a geometrically increasing ratio. What, therefore, must be the effect of this lake of putrescency on the health and lives of those who shall inhabit the houses that are rapidly springing up all around it. A row of 22 new houses of two flats, with cesspools in front, are being built parallel to, and within 10 feet of this most disgusting and degrading scene, which is an abomination dangerous even to the casual inspector."

A year, after his report was published, London was hit by a cholera epidemic which claimed the lives of 14,137 people, from all levels of society. Crucially, it was during this epidemic that John Snow, Queen Victoria's personal physician, first concluded that the disease was water-borne. Although it was not until the epidemic of 1854 that Snow's professional colleagues finally accepted the fact, this focused minds. The complacency of the parish vestries and the water companies was shaken. The growth of a movement to supply fresh drinking water to the poor can be dated to this epidemic.

From www.storyoflondon.com

BURIALS in the Parish of St Matthews' Bethnal Green in the County of Middlesex in the year 1816, page 194

William BrindDog Row15 Feb.65 yrsJ (or possibly G) King,

Coal trade links
William 1749-1816 Coal meter
Edward Brind (1800-33) - coal business mentioned in Charles Brind's (Prime Warden 1848) will dated 1847
Thomas, 1841 census entry coal merchant
Charles Brind wine merchant
Walter Brind ribbon and silk
Kelly's directory 1830
Charles Brind wine merchant
Charles Bourne Brind grocer
Kelly's Post Office London Directory 1839
Kelly's Post Office directory 1848: coal merchants

The Shearmans

In the 1851 census Hannah is shown as a 36-year-old widow living in Shoreditch, Haggerstone East, with children: William Shearman,17, Frederick Shearman, 16, Sarah Shearman, 14, Maryann Shearman, 10, Hannah Jane Shearman, 3. Class: HO107; Piece: 1538; Folio: 142; Page: 8; GSU roll: 174768.

1844 Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of Hackney in the County of Middlesex
No When Married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profssion Residence at the time of Marriage Father's name and surname Rank or Profession of Father
55 April 22nd George Hoinville Full Bachelor Cabinet maker Charles Street John Hoinville Cabinet maker
Esther Brind Full Spinster   Charles Street William Brind Coal meter
Married in the Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me Aleck Gordon
This Marriage was
solemnized between us
George Hoinville x his mark
Esther Brind
    In the
Presence of us
Walter Brind
Harriet Dolton x her mark

This is a link to a quite remarkable certificate. It has been suggested by researcher Brian Snowdon that the Elizabeth Dalton who is a witness to this marriage, is the sister of the bride Harriet Dalton (though it is equally possible that Elizabeth Dalton was Walter Brind's mother, she had re-married after the death of William Brind). If Elizabeth is Harriet's sister, the bride was also the groom's niece since the Dalton girls were the daughters of Harriet Brind (sister of the groom Walter). Whilst this seems incredible, take a look at Harriet Dalton's father on the certificate, Charles Dalton (a builder). When Elizabeth Dalton married (John Joseph William Snowdon) she said her father was builder Charles Dalton. Walter and Harriet baptised their sons Charles John and Walter (on 29.7.1849 at St.Marys ,Haggerstone,Shoreditch) the same date and place as the eldest daughter of Elizabeth (Dalton) and her husband John Joseph William Snowdon. Apart from sharing the same father (Charles Dalton, builder) Elizabeth and Harriet Dalton also shared the same unusual profession, bookbinder. But the story becomes even more bizarre. Brian Snowdon believes that at the time Walter married his niece although he said his marital status was bachelor (not the more reasonable divorced or widower since he hd been married before) he was actually still married and had a daughter in Australia!
From: Brian Snowdon
Subject: Doltons/Walter Brind
Date: 1 June 2012 19:26:00 GMT+01:00
To: Denice McCarten
Cc: david brind , Jonathan Brind
Reply-To: Brian Snowdon

Hi Denice,

As promised , just a few notes on the Doltons/Daltons and Walter Brind . As you know these are just a few odds 'n ends I've picked up along the way regarding the Doltons/Brinds and in particular a look at Walters marriage . (Having finished it , it is much longer than I intended it to be - sorry .)

The first theory that my 3 x g grandparents Charles Alerander DOLTON and Harriot Brinds' parents married after their first spouses had died , wasn't correct . The mother of Harriot,Walter, The Captain and other siblings - Elizabeth (nee Tomason) did marry George DOLTON in 1827 , but George wasn't the father of Charles . He also stated he was a bachelor on the marriage cert..Charles was baptised on 10.9.1797 in Kingston upon Thames - his parents were William and Hannah.

Charles did have a brother George bc1773 , but he would have been 22 years younger than Elizabeth .(Anythings possible I suppose) If Charles father William was the William that was baptised in Kingston upon Thames on 23.7.1770 , then Charles had a Grandad George(buried before 1827) but more interestingly an uncle George baptised in Kingston on 1.7.1765 . This is just a theory obviously ,but the age would have been correct .

One final note of interest on George and Elizabeths marriage . They married on 23.4.1827 at St.Lukes , Finsbury,Islington , but banns were read 5 years earlier on 21.7/28.7 and 4.8.1822 at St.Dunstans and AllSaints,Stepney,Middlesex . Why the delay , I wonder ?

The next idea that Charles sister married Harriot's brother doesn't appear correct .Charles did have a sister Harriet who was baptised on 11.11.1792 , but appears to have been buried 21.2.1794 . Charles also seems to have been the last of five siblings , and even if there was a second sister Harriet , she would have had to have been born over 20 years after Charles, to match the ages quoted for Walter's wife Harriet on census returns .

Then there is my theory that Walter Brind possibly married his niece . I was always surprised that Walter described himself as a bachelor on his marriage to Harriet , but he could as is stated in 'Brind Amplified' honestly believed her to be dead , and as David has suggested ,as their was no proof , it was easier to class himself as a bachelor .I don't know about Australia , but divorce laws as we know them didn't start here until 1857 . It was possible to divorce before then , but an Act of Parliament was necessary, so only available to a select few , I would suggest . David had told me that Anne could possibly have remarried in Australia , and now you have confirmed she did ,in 1853 (NOTE possibly 1851) to John Barrett . The second marriages were bigamous , knowingly or not ,but it is possible that the family never knew about Anne anyway .Again David makes the point that if Walter had married his niece , then the family would have known , and it seems very unlikely that they would have sanctioned it. Marriage as you know, to a niece, was like today ,never allowed .

Just though to bring some drama to my sad life , I will re-iterate the increasing clues that point to that possibility . I have taken a keen interest in Walters marriage for some unknown reason , and having given him the benefit of the doubt over knowingly entering a bigamous marriage , I should like to prove the allegation I have made about Walter untrue. How sad that Walter and the Captain both lost their first born in tragic circumstances. I wonder if Walter learnt about his daughters death . Charles DOLTON and Harriot (nee Brind) had 6 daughters (that I know of ) Not in order : - 1) Mary Ann DOLTON b 27.9.1824 , baptised 17.12.1827 St.Leonards,Shoreditch,Mx. Charles & Harriot stated as parents , his occupation -BRICKLAYER , they lived at Holywell Lane, Shoreditch at time of baptism .Mary is not mentioned on the family census of 1841 or anywhere else . She could have left home at 16 or earlier , or more likely I still have to find her young death details . As an aside John Snowdon b1827 who married Elizabeth Dalton (who I shall mention soon) never lived at Holywell Lane,Shoreditch , but his father John b1800 lived there in 1822 ,and his Grandfather was living there in 1814 . It is highly likely that the 2 families were there at the same time , and as Charles and John Sr. were close in age , maybe they were friends as well as neighbours, and that was how John Jr. met Elizabeth . John Sr. like his father and 2 brothers was a carpenter (unlike his descendants who became cabinet makers when Shoreditch was the furniture manufacturing/ and wholesaling centre of the Country .John Sr.'s brother Robert always classed himself as a house carpenter/joiner.) It is therefore possible that John Sr. and Charles even worked together . 2)Ellen DALTON. Ellen is on the 1841 family census (address-Goldsmiths Terrace,Shoreditch) b Middlesex aged 7 (b 1833/4) 3)Louisa DALTON birth registered Sept. Quarter 1837 Shoreditch,Mx.(2-161) Louisa is on the 1841 family census b Middlesex - aged 4 and the 1851 family census(living at 25,Essex Place,Shoreditch)- b Shoreditch aged 14 (b 1837) 4)Elizabeth DALTON(full age b1827 or earlier)occupation-Bookbinder married John Snowdon b1827 on 22.9.1848 at St.Marys,Haggerstone,Shoreditch,Mx.Elizabeth's Father stated as Charles BRICKLAYER . Elizabeth is on the 1841 family census b Middlesex 15(b 1825/6 ??) Elizabeth died on 23.4.1872 aged 44 (b1827/8) at the Friern Barnet Lunatic Asylum ; her occupation stated as wife of cabinet baker and bookbinder. 5)Emma DOLTON birth registered December quarter 1839 Shoreditch,Mx.(2-313). Emma DALTON married William Evans(Bricklayer)on 2.8.1859 at. St.John at Hackney Parish Church,Hackney,Mx.,Emma's Father stated as Charles Dalton BUILDER. Witnesses-Walter Brind and Harriet Brind. Emma is on the 1841 family census b Middlesex aged 2(?) and the 1851 family census b Shoreditch aged 11(b 1839)(Emma doesn't appear to be full age as stated on marriage certificate.) 6)Harriet DALTON. Harriet is on the 1841 family census b Middlesex aged 15/16 (?) (b 1824-1826 ???) If it is assumed that this is not the Harriet that married Walter. There are no other references to her , so far.. In the 1841, 1851 and 1871 census returns Charles Dalton's occupation is stated as a BRICKLAYER . (In 1871 Charles has another wife Isabella b. Aberdeen , 25 years his junior , living at 4,Beale Road , Bow, Middlesex.)

The marriage that took place between Walter Brind and Harriet Dalton on 18th.August 1845 at St.John at Hackney Parish Church,Hackney,Mx.stated her father as Charles Dalton BUILDER . I obtained this certificate before seeing Emma's , so had a little doubt because it was the only time Charles was mentioned as a builder , even though a bricklayer could then have been also classed as a builder . Having seen Emma's cert, though ,we now have a Charles Dalton twice described as a builder . One of the witnesses on Walters marriage certificate was Elizabeth Dalton . It is a pity we don't know if it is Walter's Mother Elizabeth(nee Tomason) or if they were so , Harriet's sister Elizabeth ,who hadn't married John Snowdon by then . (They could both only make a mark , as could Emma and Harriet .)

If we assume that the Elizabeth Dalton that witnessed Walter's wedding , was his niece and not his Mother , then all 3 marriages mentioned , didn't have a parent as a witness at all . Was there no opportunity for the parents to object to any marriage as they were not informed , or had declined to go because of the circumstances of Walters relationship to his wife , and for that matter Emma being underage ????

In the 1851 Census Walter's wife Harriet is 29 (b 1821/2) a Bookbinder , and in 1871 is 49 (b1821/2) a Bookbinder . That she and Elizabeth were both bookbinders is flimsy evidence , but the evidence linking Emma and Walter's Harriet is very strong . There would also have to have been 2 Charles Daltons with daughters Emma and Harriet , and obviously related to have a Brind connection . Before I rest my case----------

I did tell you that I had made a breakthrough on my Snowdon Ancestors , and it is relevat so bear with me . I had confirmed with plenty of proof that my Snowdon family of cabinet makers/carpenters of Shoreditch originated from North Yorkshire where the previous generations were also carpenters.On the one hand I had 100% proof(not difficult I admit)that John Snowdon b1827 Shoreditch who married Elizabeth Dalton was my 2xggfather . He had 2 children John and Harriet , and a father John , also a carpenter . I also knew conclusively that Asculph Snowdon (of course a carpenter , as were his father and grandfather) from the Stokesley area of North Yorkshire had 3 sons , all carpenters (and 3 daughters), one of the sons named John was born 1800 Shoreditch and married to Ann Duggin . They had 10 children , one of whom was called John Joseph William Snowdon , b and Baptised 1827 . The 1841 census showed the family home included the 2 Johns, Ann plus other siblings . The 1851 family census showed no sign of the younger John , but of course he turns up on his own census with Elizabeth and daughter Harriet .With other information I had it seeed clear that the link was there , but I had this one niggling doubt. Apart from the parish record of his baptism , there was no entry on any certificate of his,(he married again after Elizabeth had died), or his childrens that gave his full name of John Joseph William . I know that it isn't uncommon for middle names not be used ,so I don't know why it bothered me . (

I knew that most Snowdons were located in the North/North East of England , and found a very important website 'The Snowdons of North Yorkshire' . Many 'Snowdon' researchers have been contributing for many years and it has extensive Snowdon information , including Asculph's ancestors back to the 15th. Century , with all the source information of proof . The collator has been very helpful , and I am in the middle of gathering all my Snowdon information , and transferring it to a programme that will enable me to send it to him , so that he can send me in return the details of my earlier ancestors .

I realised on my careful transferring of details , that although I had baptism details for Asculph and his 5 siblings (all Stokesley), his son John and his 5 siblings (all St.Leonards,Shoreditch), his son John Joseph William and his 9 siblings(all St.Leonards,Shoreditch apart from his sister Sarah-Christ Chutrch,Spitalfields) , and his son John(St.Marys,Haggerstone,Shoreditch), I didn't have them for his daughter Harriet . I realised after some time that I must have searched before without success . I didn't give up and eventually traced her . The problem was she was indexed under the surname' Smowton'. She was baptised on 29.7.1849 at St.Marys ,Haggerstone,Shoreditch(the same as brother John).Then I saw the parents - Elizabeth and John Joseph William Snowdon .Apart from his own baptism ,this was and probably will remain the only time he used his full name on any document . It conclusively proved that my 2 xggf was Asculphs grandson . Although I still haven't completed my collation of my end of the tree , my findings have been accepted and I have already received details of a further 10 Snowdon generations.

Now back to the plot. The Parish Record of Harriet Snowdon's baptism was the last on the page ,so out of habit I looked at the next page . The next two baptisms on the same day were Walter and Charles John , sons of Walter and Harriet Brind !!!!! I'm sure 'Brind researchers ' have these dates and like them, if I had looked and found Harriets baptism 2 years ago ,before my knowledge of my Brind connection , the details would have been noted and the connection not made . There then wouldn't probably be a reason to look at it again . For me, and this probably is the only time , to see John,Elizabeth and Harriet Snowdon sharing a family occassion with Walter,Harriet,Walter and Charles Brind , is very special . I know my 3xggmother is a Brind , but to find Brinds and family with my own surname together, somehow brings it closer , and to imagine them at this joint Christening brings it to life . Who knows , if no other family were present , maybe John and Harriet Snowdon could have been Walter Jr. and Charles godparents. Equally Walter and Harriet Brind could have been my Great Grandad's sister Harriet's Godparents .(Perhaps stretching my imagination too far). The most likely birth year of Elizabeth Snowdon(nee Dalton) is 1827, so for a considerable period of her life Walter Brind was away in the 'South Seas' . Would she have been that close to him that she would arrange a joint baptism , or is it more likely two sisters would have made it happen .

The Dalton family home in the 1841 census was Goldsmith Terrace . Walter Brind's son Charles John was born in Goldsmith Row on 3.8.1846 . Did Walter and Harriet start their married life there because the Daltons were close by ? (Goldsmith Terrace and Goldsmith Row were adjacent ). It also appears that almshouses were built on the path which became Goldsmith Row , by not surprisingly The Goldsmith Company for their poor . Was this a factor considering Walters ancestors connection with the Livery Company ?

I'm going to leave it there . As you know I am not making out for one minute that I have researched The Doltons/Daltons in any depth at all , and I have made a few speculative comments . However there is enough factual evidence I believe, to show a high percentage of probability that Walter did marry his niece . Apologies for the length of these' few notes ',I hope it is not too confusing , and I should be interested on your views , Kind regards , Brian .