Thomas = 12/8/1649, Aldbourn, Wilts Eleanor nee Horne
b. about 1628, d 1710(?) bap 1624? married 1649, d. 1694(?)
Eleanor John George Thomas (Theordy) Richard Mary William Judith(?)
b Aldbourn 3/12/1651 b Aldbourn 9/9/1655 b Aldbourn 11/10/1657 bap Aldbourn 18/2/1659(60) b Aldbourn 16/11/1662 b Aldbourn 19/4/1665 b Aldbourn 27/10/1667 b 1670(?)
d 1651(?) d 1703(?)
d 26/4/1721(?) d 1739(?) d 1749(?) d 1739(?)
= Joane Witts = Ann Iles of Chiseldon 15 Feb 1692, who died 1729 = Frances Horn 16/2/1701 = Thomas Dixon 29/1/1694 = Thomas Collins(?) 15/1/1692
Shepherd who left a will Husbandman who left a will Shepherd
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This family had remarkably similarly named children to the above

A Thomas Brind, possibly one of the above, bought a house in Aldbourne in 1692.This was the year Thomas junior's wife Ann died. However the house was probably bought by Thomas senior.
The baptism of 1659 has been interepreted as Theody but is likely to be Geordg, an old spelling of George. In which case the two brothers, George and Thomas, may actually just be one person: George. The result of this is that it is far from clear who Anne Iles married.