21 August 1992
Dear Jonathan, Thank you for your letter of August 6 about the Brind family. It was fascinating but I am afraid I'm unlikely to be able to offer much help.

The problem is that my grandfather and grandmother split up during the 30s. My father was brought up by his mother and lost contact with his father. I will, however, show your letter to him and if he has any thoughts I will pass them on.

One othe possible line of inquiry is that friends of my wife's parents reported seeing the name Brind (which, as you say is pretty unusual) on stones in a churchyard somewhere in Wiltshire. We will try to check with them where it was.

By the way, I think we may have met-- if you are, or have ever been, a member of the NUJ, I recall briefly meeting a Jonathan Brind at a conference four or five years ago-- in Sheffield perhaps.

Anyway good luck with your research.


Don Brind

See letter from a cousin.
Ronald G b.1922 Wirral 1946
Donald Malcolm Peter F

           Don Brind

Don Brind in 2013.
Sail 8 ends in embarrassment
Bad weather was to blame for the poor turnout at the Sail 8 event,organisers said on Sunday.The symbolic event - to bring French protesters to G8 summit demonstrationsin Edinburgh - was simply a "disaster", according to Sail 8 spokesman, DonBrind.Embarrassingly only three yachts and a motor boat sailed into Portsmouthharbour on Sunday with no campaigners from Cherbourg aboard.Mr Brind was at a loss to explain why no French people took up the offer tosail across the Channel.Although Sail 8 had made a "valuable" effort to the series of Make PovertyHistory events, Mr Brind admitted the showing was disappointing. "Somethings work, but others do not. This didn't," he said."All we could do was provide the opportunity, and, for whatever reason, itwasn't taken up."He explained many boats left for France but returned due to poor weather. Aflotilla of around 73 vessels initially set sail for Cherbourg.Live 8 organiser Sir Bob Geldof had urged thousands of people to set sail tonorthern France to bring activists back to Britain.Sir Bob was due to greet the boats at Portsmouth in person but cancelled torecover from the exertions of Live 8 on Saturday.� 1998-2005 DeHavilland Information Services plc. All rights reserved.