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Marriage Tax Indexes

In 1694 an Act creating duties for Marriages, Births and Burials and upon Bachelors and Widowers was passed. It came into force on May 1, 1695, and expired in August 1706. To make it work the authorities had to collect what amounted to a census of the locality. In most areas these censuses have disappeared (even though multiple copies were ordered to be made). However, in the Swindon area a relatively large number survived.

1695 TAX CENSUSES (Marriage Indexes)

Tax assessment lists have been transcribed into alphabetical order of the surnames of the householder, but as there are sometimes more than one surname in a household, the additional surname is also listed and will show with which family it is to be be found. In cases where two or more families or several individuals are grouped together it may be that they share a dwelling and are not necessarily related.

There does not appear to have been a prescribed format for enumerating and the form of listing often differs from parish to parish, from tything to tything and from one year to the next within the same parish. Spelling also varies from year to year with the same parish.

Because of the tax on bachelors and widowers they were often grouped together, and not with the rest of their families.

Some lists recorded relationships. For instance in Chiseldon lists the head of the household is given followed by the name of the wife and sons and daughters. This is particularly useful in the case of this parish as there is a gap in the parish registers from 1698 - 1707, and, therefore, families can be reconstructed. For Liddington only the 1700 and 1701 lists give relationships and Wootton Bassett has only the relationship of the wife. Little Hinton gives the wife's name plus the number of children.

In the lists for Lydiard Tregoze it is difficult to be certain of the family groups and it is possible that names may appear as individuals when they are in fact related. In the 1700 list for Lyneham there has been no attempt at family groups and for Tockenham most of the surnames are grouped together without family grouping. The parish of Clyffe Pypard was divided into the four tythings of Cleeve Peppar, Broad Town, Thomhill and Oadhill.

The first three lists for Swindon give the occupation of the head of the house. A few such as Wanborough gives the amounts assessed indicating a taxable event such as a marriage and the status of me person. Most include the servants name with the household but Wroughton only gives the forename, no surnames being included.

Bincknoll and Uffcott are only small parts of Broad Hinton parish but are all that appears to have survived. Uffcott is included in the Five Tythings. The 1697 list for Hilmarton. which does not include the tything of Catcomb, was used for a second assessment as some names were added and some crossed out.

The Five Tythings of Uffcot in Broad Hinton, Eicombe, Overtown, Salthrop & Westlecot in Wroughton Parish are all listed together within the same year but with variations in the information given in each tything.

These tax assessments are deposited at Wiltshire Record Office WRO 212B/7202A.

Part I
1 Bincknoll169717001701   
4 Clyffe Pypard1697 1701   
5 Hilmarton169717001701   
7 Lydiard Tregoze169717001701   
8 Lyneham1697170017011702  
10 Tockenham169717001701   
12 Wootton Bassett1697 170117021705 

2/3 Chiseldon1697 170117021705 
6 Liddington1697 17011702 (NONE)
9 Swindon1697 170117021705(NONE)
11 Wanborough1697 170117021705(NONE)
13 Little Hinton 1700    
14 Wroughton 17001701   
14 5 tythings 17001701(NONE)  
15 5 tythings1697     


BRIND George bach. Chiseldon
BRIND George, husb. Chiseldon

BARNES Elizabeth (with George Brind). Chiseldon
BRIND George; Mary his wife. Servants KING Charles. HILL John, BARNES Elizabeth, LONG Gartery.Chiseldon
BRIND George; Mary his wife; sons John, Henery, dau Feby Pooklook. Chiseldon
BRIND George: Mary his wife: children Henery, Marey. Sarah. Chiseldon
BRIND Jone. servant. Badbury
BRIND Abraham bach (1s pd)
BRIND Alce wid
BRIND Edw bach(1s pd)
BRIND Isaac bach (1s pd)
BRIND Jo: wife Mary
BRIND John. gent; Mrs. Frances
BRIND Katharin wid
BRIND Mary wid: son John. dau Mary
BRIND Owin: wife Susannah, sons Jo. Thomas
BRIND Roger: wife Hesther. daus Martha. Mary. Jone. Margarott
BRIND Tho. sent: wife Dorothv: Mrs, Mary wid. daus Mary, Anne, Dorothy
BRIND Will: wife Martha
BAKER Martha (with Thomas Brind)
BRIND Abraham bach (Is pd)
BRIND Catherine wid
BRIND Elis wid
BRIND Isaac bach (Is pd). Servant LOVEDAY Elizabeth
BRIND John. gent; Mrs. Frances spin
BRIND Martha wid; son John wid. his dau Ann
BRIND Mary: son John, dau Mary
BRIND Owen; wife Susanna, son John, Thomas
BRIND Roger; wife Esther, daus Jone, Martha, Mary
BRIND Thomas, gent: wife Dorithy: daus Mary. Jane. Margaret. Anne. Dorithy. Servants YOUNG Samuel.
WELLS Thomas (with Thomas Brind)
YOUNG Samuel (with Thomas Brind)
BRIND Abraham bach: Isaac bach (2s pd). Servants GRUBB John, WEBB Sarah
BRIND Catherine wid
BRIND Elis (with Jone Brind)
BRJND John. gent; Frances spin
BRIND Martha wid; grandaugbter Ann
BRIND Mary wid: son John, dau Mary
BRIND Owen: wife Susannah, sons John, Thomas
BRIND Roger: wife Esther, daus Jone. Martha. Mary
BRIND Thomas, gent: wife Dorithy; daus Mary. Margaret, Anne. Doritthy. Servants KEMBALL Wm. WELLS Thomas, WARMAN Ann, PICKET Bridgett
WARM AN Ann (with Thomas Brind)
WEBB Sarah (with Abraham Brind)
WELLS Jone wid; BRIND Elis wid
WELLS Thomas (with Thomas Brind)
BRIND Cathrin (with Susan Hedges)
BRIND Ellis (with Jone Wells)
BRIND John. gent. WHITE John. POUND William. GOLDINGE Anne. RIMES Martha
BRIND Mrs. Dorothy; daus Mary, Margret. Anne, Dorothy
BRIND Owen; wife Susan, son John
BRIND Jonathan his wife, 2 children
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