It's extraordinary the response a plaster cast can get. There was a fizz in the air, real excitement and the feeling that demons were being vanquished.

Fake artist are two women who have come together partly because they share a nightmare in their private lives. Both have children with severe problems making everyday life challenging, stressful, sometimes even impossible and always exhausting. Art for them is a respite.

But what they have chosen to do is incredible. In some countries, notably Japan where a woman artist who has gone down a similar route has been dragged through the courts, the long arm of the law would soon make its presence felt.

They concentrate on the intensely private: notably the vagina. Yet there is absolutely nothing pornographic about their art. In fact it is funny, revealing and liberating: hence the intensely positive response of a mixed audience.

Please clink the link to see a short video made by Shepherd Videos that will introduce you to Fake artist.

Shepherd Videos is following the story of these two very special women. It should be a life changing experience and may even turn out to be a roller coaster ride.

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Melissa and Amanda's show at Nucleus Arts Gallery in Medway.

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